Industrial Shelving Units by Legoloverman

Industrial Shelving Units (custom built Lego model) (credit: Legoloverman ↗︎)

Well I never thought I’d say it, but… look at these cool Lego-built industrial shelving units. Yeah, still feels weird to say that, but these are so cool!

I’ve worked in warehouses and I’ve assembled, disassembled, and reassembled many shelving units like these. I can almost smell the particle board.

The shape and colors are instantly recognizable. And there’s a nice assortment of parts to fill up the shelves. I especially like the brick built wooden pallets along the bottom.

“Industrial Shelving Units” is built by Peter Reid – author of LEGO Space: Building the Future (Amazon affiliate link) and creator of the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit set (21109-1). You can follow Peter Reid (a.k.a. Legoloverman) on Flickr and Twitter.