August 2019 MOC Wrapup

There were so many awesome MOCs this month that I couldn’t keep up with them all. This is a great problem to have, but it also means skipping individual showcases for so many MOCs. So here are the MOCs from August that I really loved but didn’t get a blog post from me…

Rock Castle – by aukbricks
Lovely little microscale castle.

Uncle Scrooge – by Koen Zwanenburg
Standing on a giant pile of money of course.

[untitled car] – by Adam Yes. Have one.
Fantastic shaping and detail at this small scale.

Moria duel – by Dominik Stasiak
Great build from a not-yet well known builder. Looking forward to more builds!

Agent Carter – by Kodiak Sanders
Stunning 2D mosaic portrait.

Barb’s Disappearing – by Jonas Kramm
Awesome Stranger Things build.

Clean-up on level 19… – by Andreas Lenander
I just really love the lighting in this scene.

Fingarfelin’s Abode – by Roanoke Handybuck
Texture, texture, texture! Great waterfall too!

Polaroid camera out of LEGO parts – by -derjoe-
A snapshot of the past.

Coral tube – by Pistash
Some brilliant parts usage and nice brick typography.

Yr Hen Felin Wynt (The Old Windmill) – by David Roberts
Honoring the past using a few modern parts and techniques.

Halgvozd the Purifier – by Djokson
Wow! I don’t build or post much bionicle or constraction stuff, but this is really amazing!