Office Supplies by MSIndustries

Office Supplies (custom built Lego model) (credit: MSIndustries ↗︎)

I seriously thought this was a photo of real office supplies when I first saw it in my Flickr feed. Then I saw the brick outlines in the stapler and thought “oh ok, someone made a stapler and put it with real office supplies”. I kept doing this with each item until I realized that everything here is made from Lego (except for the sticky note and the table).

Brick artist MSIndustries has built 7 unique and iconic office staples essentials. Everything looks instantly recognizable. And there are some great details that bring each build to life. The pencil sharpener has wood pencil shavings inside. The shape of the stamp handle and the gap around the red stamp pad are spot-on. And the tape dispenser uses a 1×2 grille piece for the cutter blade. Those pencils look really great too!