Huwbot by Eero Okkonen

Huwbot (custom built Lego model) (credit: Eero Okkonen ↗︎)

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy when a brick artist ventures out of their typical genre? (I sure have) Well if you’ve seen the work of Eero Okkonen before, you probably associate him with large humanoid builds.

So this cute Lego loving robot is a delightful change of pace (but don’t get me wrong – I can’t wait for the next awesome humanoid). It’s also an entry in Brickset’s “Build Huwbot” competition to create a Brickset mascot.

[Edit (28 August 2019): It’s the winner!]

This little robot is oozing with character. It seems to be scratching its head (which cleverly incorporates the Brickset logo) in thought as it carefully deliberates over which lego set to choose.

Check out Eero Okkonen’s blog post for more pics and to learn just how much thought went into this build. And you can see all the Brickset Huwbot competition entries on the Flickr group and on Instagram