Home Sweet Home by jaapxaap

Home Sweet Home (custom built Lego model) (credit: jaapxaap ↗︎)

What lovely colors! This cottage built by Jaap Bijl (jaapxaap) is an entry in the 2019 Summer Joust LEGO Castle Contest (lots more cool stuff in the contest). It has a beautifully shaped sloping purple roof, great foliage and lots of fun architectural details to discover.

The joints in the roof section (especially where the porch roof meets the house roof) are very well executed. The drawer piece beneath the window was also a nice touch. The non-uniform pink and lavender paint job along with the jumbled wood and brick work provide an overall aged hodgepodge look which gives the cottage lots of character.

I love how the pink and lavender walls and the brick built trees fit in with the saturated color scheme. Thare are even some pumpkins near the front porch for an added pop of color. I’m just left wondering: who lives inside?