Glassblower by Eero Okkonen

Glassblower (custom built Lego model) (credit: Eero Okkonen ↗︎)

Rocking what just might be the first jumper plate mustache ever, is this glassblowing artist made by the talented character builder Eero Okkonen.

Beyond the cool mustache are some other nice hair techniques. The beard and sideburns are simple but have a nice bushy texture thanks to the SNOT technique. I won’t be asking my barber for this particular haircut, but it’s a really clever usage of these pieces to achieve the middle-part. And even the eyebrows look super cool.

The element used for the glass couldn’t be more perfect. And there are enough points of articulation to strike a natural glassblowing pose.

In his blog post, Eero Okkonen describes the inspiration for the interesting shirt design:

“I was simply inspired by Alphons Mucha’s self-portrait with national costume and was inspired by such dress designs, colours and patterns.”

I assume this is probably the Mucha portrait which provided the inspiration

You can follow Eero Okkonen on Flickr and his personal blog.