Establishment of Dol Amroth by Roanoke Handybuck

Establishment of Dol Amroth (custom built Lego model) (credit: Roanoke Handybuck ↗︎)

This build is from a few months back, but I somehow wasn’t following Roanoke Handybuck yet.

The overall composition is nicely balanced with each area of interest having enough room to breath.

It seems like almost everything is off the standard Lego grid. And yet all the custom angles feel very natural and seamless. I really love the angles of the castle walls and the rock sea wall.

There’s also some really harmonius color rhythm at work here. A few strong areas of dark brown in the house on the left and the are echoed by the dark brown in the background tower. The dark green trees are also balanced nicely. And the blue of the tower roof nicely repeats the blue of the water.

And speaking of the water. Wow! The variation of lighter and darker pieces below the surface create a really dynamic and realistic feeling of varying water depths. And the seafoam around the rock work (and even the fishing line!) give the water even more life. The dark gray to light gray transition in the rocks around the waterline is another touch of realism.

Also some pretty cute brick-built goats…

Lego brick-build goats