Courthouse by cmaddison

Courthouse (custom built Lego model) (credit: cmaddison ↗︎)

Brick artist Chris Maddison is one of those diverse builders where you never know what’s next but you can be sure it will be awesome.

His latest build is the Monroe County courthouse in Albia, Iowa USA. Probably not at the top of the to-do list for most Lego artists. Probably not on the list. But this microscale model faithfully captures the details of the courthouse building’s architecture.

You can compare to the real thing and see how accurate the build is. Check out the photo below by Albia born-and-raised Jason McLaren from his great photo series The Iowa Courthouses Project.

Monroe county courthouse in Albia Ohio USA. Photo by Jason McLaren.

Aside from capturing the architecture of the courthouse in great detail and accuracy, Chris Maddison has also faithfully represented the surrounding park. There’s a nice assortment of brick built trees, a simple but effective statue, and a fantastic microscale gazebo. Everything in its proper place.

Check out the Instagram post for several more photos.

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