Doughnut Shop by Tong Xin Jun

Doughnut Shop (custom built Lego model) (credit: Tong Xin Jun ↗︎)

East meets west in this gorgeous 3D render from Tong Xin Jun (ExeSandbox). It’s hard to believe this is virtual Lego because, as the artist says in the comments of the original post:

I took the extra work to create a nice looking cloth, scratches and fingerprints on the plastic, and realistic lighting

Well that extra work really paid off. Aside from a slightly shiny (glazed?) look, this really seems like Lego. The technique on the orange roof looks great and the huge sprinkled donut beckons donut lovers to come visit. There’s a lot of color going on here but it all seems to balance out and harmonize.

Don’t miss the album for loads more pictures including some really nicely lit interior shots. There are a lot more great details to explore.